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Our Seniors Program is for students aged between 9 - 13 years. Students at this age are sharper and more focused, and we can begin to develop more advanced aspects of their training. Students at this age are smart, and have much better self-awareness and control over their body and movement. Though due their physical development at this age, they can also be emotional and self-conscious, and are also conscious about the thoughts of their peers. This can also lead to laziness and a lack of motivation for training.

Our goal at Warriors Martial Arts is to teach them how to apply focus and discipline to even the simplest of activities, how to focus and think in the face of pressure, and help them to see the bigger picture when making decisions and social choices. We aim to demonstrate how to use the momentum of your body when executing techniques and movement patterns to maximise power without exhausting yourself prematurely, and to teach important life skills such as confidence, resilience, respect and perseverance.

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